Derived from our state-of-the-art optical and image processing technologies, Konica Minolta’s measuring instruments help improve quality control and precision in a wide variety of industries. Our display color analyzers for measuring the color and luminance of displays, and spectrophotometers, colorimeters, and other color measuring instruments used for essential color management in many manufacturing plants play important roles in supporting various manufacturing industries.

Our strong business infrastructure includes cutting-edge development bases and a broad and growing network of overseas sales companies, service facilities, and authorized distributors. By continuing to provide solutions that respond to changing needs based on our core “technologies of light”, we will meet the challenges of every new era.


Color Measurement

  • Spectrophotometer CM-36dG
  • Spectrophotometer CM-5
  • Spectrophotometer CM-3700A
  • Spectrophotometer CM-26dG
  • Spectrophotometer CM-26d/CM-25d
  • Chroma Meter CR-410
  • Chroma Meter CR-400

Appearance Measurement

  • Rhopoint IQ-S 20/60/85
  • Multi Gloss MG-268A

Light Measurement

  • Illuminance Spectrophotometer CL-500A
  • Illuminance Meter T-10A and T-10MA

Display Measurement

  • Display Color Analyzer

Chlorophyll meter SPAD-502Plus

Software Solutions

  • Spectramagic NX

Color Measurement:

Spectrophotometer CM-36dG

The Spectrophotometer CM-36dG is a horizontal format spectrophotometer that offers simultaneous color and gloss measurements and UV adjustment function. It is ideal for a wide range of applications such as plastics, paints, chemicals, etc.

For Details: https://sensing.konicaminolta.asia/product/spectrophotometer-cm-36dg/


Spectrophotometer CM-3700A

If you’re looking for a highly accurate measurement instrument that uses the latest technology, then the CM-3700A bench-top spectrophotometer is just what you need, and it exceeds most industry color requirements. With a wide range of applications, the CM-3700A obtains highly-accurate reflectance and transmittance measurements.

For Details: https://sensing.konicaminolta.asia/product/spectrophotometer-cm-3700a/

Spectrophotometer CM-5

The CM-5 bench-top spectrophotometer is an easy-to-use, color measurement instrument that features a keyboard and color LCD screen, eliminating the need for a computer. This product has the ability to automatically calibrate every start-up, measure a variety of sample sizes and forms, and includes internal calibration for standard chemical and pharmaceutical indices.

For Details: https://sensing.konicaminolta.asia/product/cm-5-spectrophotometer/

Portable Spectrophotometer

Spectrophotometer CM-26dG

The Spectrophotometer CM-26dG is a Close Tolerance (CT) grade instruments developed for digital color data management. With tight inter-instrument agreement (IIA) and high repeatability, it is ideal for evaluating the color and gloss of parts within automotive interior and smartphones/tablets exterior.

For Details: https://sensing.konicaminolta.asia/product/spectrophotometer-cm-26dg/

Spectrophotometer CM-26d/CM-25d

The dual aperture model Spectrophotometer CM-26d and the single aperture Spectrophotometer CM-25d enables digital color data management across increasingly globalized supply chains. It is ideal for evaluating color of automotive interior parts and smartphones/tablets exterior.

For Details: https://sensing.konicaminolta.asia/product/spectrophotometer-cm-26d_cm25d/

Chroma Meter CR-410

The CR-410 chroma meter is a user-friendly, handheld color measuring instrument which can be used on a variety of surfaces in many types of applications. Featuring a 50mm aperture, this unit can measure on its own or, for advanced features and on-site printing, be connected to a data processor.

For Details: https://sensing.konicaminolta.asia/product/chroma-meter-cr-410/

Chroma Meter CR-400

The CR-400 handheld chroma meter is a color measuring instrument that’s user-friendly and can be used on a variety of surfaces in many types of applications. With its 8mm aperture size, it can measure on its own or connect to a data processor for advanced features and on-site printing.

For Details: https://sensing.konicaminolta.asia/product/chroma-meter-cr-400/

Appearance Measurement

 Rhopoint IQ-S 20/60/85

The Rhopoint IQ-S is an easy-to-use and cost-effective appearance measuring instrument that not only measure gloss, but also capable of quantifying surface defects such as haze and orange peel.

For Details: https://sensing.konicaminolta.asia/product/rhopoint-iq-s-206085/

Multi Gloss MG-268A

The MG-268A is an easy-to-operate and portable gloss meter with 3 measuring angles that is in compliance with international standards like ISO, DIN, ASTM, and JIS.

For Details: https://sensing.konicaminolta.asia/product/multi-gloss-mg-268a-gloss-meter/

Light Measurement

Illuminance Spectrophotometer CL-500A

Konica Minolta introduced the CL-500A as its first lightweight, compact illuminance spectrophotometer. The device is designed to evaluate next generation lamps including EL illumination and LED illumination. The stand alone design and advanced sensors easily measure Color Rendering Index (CRI), chromaticity, color temperature, and illuminance of essentially every light source whether it is in the field or in the lab.

For Details: https://sensing.konicaminolta.asia/product/illuminance-spectrophotometer-cl-500a/

Illuminance Meter T-10A and T-10MA

The handheld T-10A and T-10MA are designed for easy use to measure the quality and brightness of a light source as it lies along a surface.

For Details: https://sensing.konicaminolta.asia/product/illuminace-meter-t-10a-and-t-10ma/

Display Measurement

Display Color Analyzer

High-speed and highly accurate optical measuring instrument that is capable of measuring a wide range of displays such as OLED displays.

For Details: https://sensing.konicaminolta.asia/product/color-analyzer-ca-410/

Chlorophyll Meter SPAD-502 Plus

Measures leaf chlorophyll, an important indicator of plant health. The SPAD-502Plus performs quick measurements of the chlorophyll content of leaves without damaging the leaf. Its lightweight, splashproof design make it ideal for measurements in the field.

For Details: https://sensing.konicaminolta.asia/product/chlorophyll-meter-spad-502plus/

Software Solutions

Spectramagic NX

Color Data Software | NEW Unprecedented Quality control:

Ease of use like never before
Prefixed Templates
Step by step Navigation assistance
Customized Reports including Digital Images
Includes “Precise Color Communication” tutorial

For Details: https://sensing.konicaminolta.asia/product/spectramagic-nx/