Maag Flock Brand Flocking equipment’s from Maag Flock GmbH- Germany

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Maag Flock wurde was Founded in 1992 and has become one of the world market leaders in the flocking industry. Today the mechanical engineering company is managed in a generation-spanning and future-oriented manner.

Major products of Maag Flock GmbH:

  1. Mini Flock
  2. Electrostatic flocking device
  3. T-Shirt Cleaner

Mini Flock (Hand flocking device)
a) This machine can be handled easily and comfortably.
b) The integrated generator generates a high voltage of approximately 70 kV which is not at all dangerous due to the current limiting to 0,15 mA.
c) Service life to the battery is approximate 5 hours.
1: Power supply unit
2: Applicator with screen, ∅ 6cm
3: Applicator with screen, ∅ 12cm
4: Applicator with screen, ∅ 18cm
5: Finely meshed screen with ∅ 6cm, 12cm, and 18cm

Electrostatic flocking device, Model: HEK 200-80

Features: The high-tension generator EK 200-80 is the main component for various types of hand flocking units. It is equipped with a kV-meter to display the high voltage, and a µA-meter to display the current. The robust and efficient design and the safety features and equipment have proved at best.

T-Shirt Cleaner, Model: TS-C700w

Features: Cleaning machine for final cleaning of flocked shirts and textile blanks after drying. Removal of the excess flock from the fabric by means of brush strips and exhaust air. The service flap is located on the left side. The unit allows perfect cleaning within seconds.