The world’s leading manufacturer of laboratory dyeing, finishing, and printing machinery.

XIAMEN RAPID PRECION MACHINERY CO., LTD. (Formerly known as LABORTEX CO., LTD) is a Taiwanese management company, established in 1979 with “RAPID” and “LABORTEX” brands in Taiwan. Due to the expansion of activities, in 2001, we further established a factory in China, which is located in Tongan Industrial Zone, Me Xi Dao, Xiamen City, Fujian Province, with convenient transportation and good environmental conditions.

Rapid is one of the internationally-reputable manufacturers of textile laboratory equipment for dyeing, finishing, and printing applications. With superior quality and sound service, laboratory products with either the logo “RAPID” or “LABORTEX” have been marketed and popular in more than fifty countries all over the world. Our products are consecutively granted by CE certification, we were further awarded the latest ISO 9001:2015 Certification in 2018 to ensure reliable and consistent manufacturing quality and capability throughout the whole production lines and offices.

Rapid Product

Laboratory Automatic Dosing System

Laboratory Exhaust Dyeing Machine

  • Laboratory Eco Dyer, HT Dyeing Machine
  • Laboratory IR Dyer, HT Dyeing Machine
  • Rapid Color, HT Dyeing Machine (Glycerin Bath)
  • KG Dyer, HT Dyeing Machine
  • Osci Color, Atmospheric Dyeing Machine

Padding Dyeing Machine

  • Air Pad
  • Pad Steam Range PS-JS
  • Pad Thermosol Range PT-V
  • MMC Series

Laboratory Dryer/Steamer

  • Mini Dryer
  • Hot Air-Drying Oven
  • Mini Tenter
  • HT Steamer
  • MSP, Lab Continuous Steamer

Automatic Washing Machine

Printing Master PM-500

Laboratory Automatic Dosing System

EZ DOSER (three-in-one design), the newest Laboratory dosing system, the functioning principle of recipe dispensing is based on volumetric measuring by means of an advanced robot pipette, besides recipe dispensing, this product also integrates with stock solution preparation and stirring system, each of the functions can work independently and accurately. EZ DOSER is a piece of indispensable equipment in the dyeing laboratory to increase the reproducibility of bulk dyeing.

Mainly complete with the following critical components:

  • 1 set of electronic balance (accuracy0.01 gram) with a splash guard for stock solution preparation
  • 1 set of built-in 6-position stirrers with independent adjustable speed control for stock solution preparation
  • Water tank with the heating system (8-liter automatic water refill system)
  • Models available: ED- 40 (40 solution bottles) ED- 80 (80 solution bottles) ED-120 (120 solution bottles)
  • Every solution bottle is equipped with a stainless-steel injector and a stirrer (No washing process is required, totally eliminates the potential risks of dye cross-contamination)
  • Advanced Robotic X-Y-Z axis mechanism, powered by 3 servo motors
  • Injector (syringe) of 60ml capacity, made of SS316
  • Volumetric dispensing with ±0.01cc accuracy.
  • 16 pot positions for dispensing recipes
  • Drawer type automatic solution bottle stirrer, with speed control
  • 1 set of built-in voltage stabilizers is equipped.
  • Machine Dimensions (L x W x H): 171 x 146 x 193 cm (Model ED-40) 231 x 146 x 193 cm (Model ED-80) 291 x 146 x 193 cm (Model ED-120)

Other specifications are available upon request

Laboratory Dyeing Machine:

A newest innovation apparatus

Indispensable Laboratory dyeing machine
Pollution-free, Energy saving, Low liquor ratio

ECO DYER, which is an electric heat-conducting type laboratory dyeing machine, the advanced heat conduct design offers not only advantages of a Glycerin type dyeing machine, but also provides features of an infrared type dyeing machine, the new design provides improvements on the two conventional designs.

Its specially designed rotary system allows users to achieve even and crease-mark-free dyeing results, even at a low liquor ratio. Users can easily add chemicals either in powder or liquid form during the running of the dyeing process by the unique “ONE TOUCH “injection device.

No. of pot:       (ECO-24) 24 x ЗООсс / 24 x 150cc pot
(ECO-18) 18 x 420cc pot

Special Features

Lowest power consumption
No more sensor pot is needed
Dual air-cooling system for faster cooling.
Friendly design, Dyepot can easily be loaded and unloaded from the rotary drum.
ECO DYER with modernized appearance, no fume pollution, and Glycerin free.
Simple and easy operation
S.S 316L made dye pot
360-degree rotation allows users to achieve even and crease-mark-free dyeing results,
Optional injection system for chemical addition system

Laboratory IR Dyer, HT Dyeing Machine

High speed, Precision & No air pollution Apparatus

The IR DYER is a compact laboratory IR type dyeing machine, providing a versatile and most importantly, environmentally clean method of sample dyeing, the dyepots are heated from the top by infrared radiators, and the inclination angle of the dyepots to the rotary disc is designed to get a good liquor circulation by the rotation of the disc. Excellent dyeing repeatability and color leveling are assured.

Different sizes of dyepots are available :150ml/300ml/500ml

Optional: 1000 ml/3000 ml/6000 ml dyepots are also available.

Rapid Color, HT Dyeing Machine (Glycerin Bath)

Also suitable as Fastness Testing Apparatus for textiles

The most versatile and economic LAB DYEING MACHINE

Suitable for general laboratory purposes under high-temperature conditions. Such as recipe dyeing tests, washing fastness tests, and other laboratory R&D applications.

Special Features

* Dyepots can easily be set and released by pressing and turning them 15° Each pot can be used individually and set in and out of the dyebath anytime without disturbing

other dyeing tests resulting in the following:

1)   Because dyepots are set individually in and out of the dyebath, it shortens a great deal of waiting time and Rapid dyeing can be achieved such that the speed of dyeing tests is double that of the conventional type.
2)   Various dyeing and/or chemical tests can be carried out e.g. Dispersing, Levelling tests, etc.
3)   Unlike conventional types, the machine can carry out step dyeing tests as well which contributes greatly to helping selection of dyes of similar exhaustion rate in order to avoid possible bad ending effects.

* Different sizes of dyepots are available for various types of samples, for example:

1)   450 cc Dyepots for large pieces of above 40 gr., Also for Dry-Cleaning, wash-fastness tests, and two-part dyeing tests.
2)   150 cc Dyepots for lower liquor ratio dyeing tests & etc.
3)   1000-9000 cc Dyepots also for dyeing test of Zipper, Pantyhose, Ropes, and cords.

* Weight of samples from 3 gr. To 40 gr. Or we also design Jumbo size dyepots for larger samples.
* To secure dyepots, can be easily achieved without using a lock handle. Specially designed packing of the pot can last for a long time, no staining is guaranteed. (As showing in Fig)
* Dyepots are produced by pressing, no welding spots or cracks exist such that perfect eyeing of test samples is guaranteed.

KG Dyer, HT Dyeing Machine

KG DYER, Sample dyeing machine model ZY-1 is a patented high-temperature dyeing machine for Laboratories, thanks to the special design of the mechanism, flow control, heating technology, and temperature management, ZY-1 ensures all advantages including simple and easy operation, leveling dyeing results, the feasibility of low liquor ratio, tension free, etc. This machine can be used as QC apparatus to inspect any defects such as fabric dyeing barrier, dyeing spot, etc. which may occur after the dyeing process, also suitable for all applications in which the maximum sample weight is up to 1 Kg.

Temperature range   :~135℃
Heating principle       : Electric heating
Temperature control : Touch screen
Heating rate              : 0~ 3.0℃/min
Cooling system         : Air cooling
Liquor ratio               : 1:8 or above
Liquor volume           : 2~8 L
Sample weight          : 1 Kg (Maximum)
Machine dimension   : 600 x 680 x 910mm (L x W x H)
Machine weight         : 90 Kg
Power connection     : 220V x 1PH x 3KW

Osci Color, Atmospheric Dyeing Machine

An Atmospheric Dyeing Machine
Osci Color is a convenient operating atmospheric dyeing machine, additions of chemicals can be done during the dyeing test. Dyeing operations at temperature up to 80⁰C. Use water or heat transfer, For temperatures above 80⁰C glycerin is used for heat transfer.
Our OSCI COLOR has the capacity to dye up to 24 beaker dyeing tests Uniformity and levelness are achieved and allow an operator the freedom to perform other tasks.
Wide-range infinitely variable speed control at 50-200 oscillations per min.
(Other speeds on request)
Osci Color is most suitable for the following

  1. Atmospheric Dyeing
  2. Fixing and /or Soaping Tests
  3. Scouring and/or bleaching tests

Padding Dyeing Machine

Air Pad, Vertical /Horizontal type,

This extremely versatile laboratory padding mangle is built as a floor model. High-grade stainless-steel construction. Ergonomically designed for fast, convenient use. Short samples as well as fabrics with a length of several meters can be easily dyed. Suitable for all dyeing, printing, finishing, and padding processes.

AIR PAD has been equipped with a pneumatic load system and therefore it needs a supply of compressed air. Two very precise pressure gauges enable a good reproducibility of the required squeezing pressure. The latter can be adjusted on two independent pressure regulators. By simulating the production level process parameters on a laboratory scale, satisfactory results can be achieved with AIR-PAD.

* Roller width 450mm diameter 125mm
* Padding rollers of 70 shore hardness
* Content of liquor trough approx. 500cc
* Safety devices include a safety rod to prevent incorrect handling; an emergency button and a knee pedal to stop the machine’s operation.
* Handy spray and air apparatus provided, thus the rollers as well as the dye trough can comfortably be rinsed, cleaned, and dried.

Most widely used in Woven Factory
Suitable for carrying out all PAD STEAM processes with saturated steam offers the shortest distance between padding mangle and steaming chamber.

* The range mainly comprises:

Horizontal type with two padding rollers, pneumatic pressure application.
Roller width 300mm diameter 125mm
Steaming chamber with a fabric holding capacity of 6M, with a double-glazed visual window.

* Adjustable fabric speed control, standard dwell time inside the steaming chamber from 20-120sec with digital indication type.
* Chemicals trough provided about 500cc capacity with automatic drop-off and spray washing.
* Water-sealed bath with temperature regulator for automatic cooling control.
* Temperature range between 98℃ and 102℃ with digital type.
* Option for Steam generator.
* On request PS-JS can be combined with a 4~5 section washing machine.
* Max. 600mm working width is available on request.

Pad Thermosol Range PT-V

Most widely used in Woven Factory
Laboratory thermolising unit model PT-V is a Guide Cloth type Laboratory Continuous dyeing machine. Suitable for long fabric running.
The basic principle of the Laboratory thermolising unit model PT-V is to have a laboratory machine that has exactly the same possibilities and characteristics as a production machine with the exception of the smaller material width.

Once cycle Continuous process:
Fabric feed in open-width → Dyestuff Padding → infra-Red Pre-Heater → intermediate Dryer → Thermosoling →plaiting in open-width.

* Except for the main rack all Stainless Steel is made.
* Fabric thread through top and bottom rollers in the drying area.
* Roller width: available 300, 450, 600mm
* Pneumatic type Horizontal type padding mangle including 1000cc capacity dye trough which is with manual refilling system connected to external service tank
* 12 infrared radiation heaters with reflection plates arranged in two rows.
* The effective drying area of the PT-V, is divided into 2 chamber intermediate dryer and thermosoling zone, Fabric length is 9,500 mm in each chamber.
* Circulation air speed in Drying chamber is variable control.

MMC Series

Model MMC-30-4 provides the most precise reproducibility between Lab testing and bulk production, which is widely used for on-the-spot recipe evaluation.

This machine is designed for carrying out all continuous dyeing and finishing process in the laboratory with 100% cotton, polyester/cotton blended material fabric, narrow fabric, etc.

All Stainless Steel made and Guide Cloth type Continuous Laboratory dyeing machine.

One cycle process:
Fabric entry  Dye Padding  infra-Red Pre-Heater  intermediate Dryer Thermosoling  Chemical Padding  Steaming  4 Bath washing range  Drying by 4 Steam heating cylinders  plaiting in open width.
A combination unit for our existing products, model PT-J, PS-JS, WJ-4, CD-4. Tension control and compensators are in the range.

Mini Dryer

Table Model, Excellent laboratory dryer for all drying, setting, baking, and thermosoling processes.
The machine is designed to simulate the features of production scale stenter.

* Sample size up to max. 36 x 42 cm
* Automatic pin frame transport with pre-selectable dwell time
* Audible alarm for the end of the test
* Electric heating 6KW, Temperature max. 250℃
* Even temperature distribution thanks to an efficient air circulation fan.
* Good heat insulation obtained by high-grade material construction with well-dimensioned insulation thickness.
* Specially designed pin frame to hold all types of sample fabric in length and/or width.
* 1 Air duct with hand adjustment for top and bottom air
* Suitable for discontinuous operation with padding mangle

Hot Air-Drying Oven

To air-dry samples after centrifuging, basic equipment for a laboratory. Stainless steel interior construction.
Inside dimensions: W 550 X H550 X D450 mm (3 layer)
Outside dimensions: W730 x H990 x D550 mm
Max. temperature: RT -200 °C
Power consumption: 3KW
Power supply: AC220V.Single Phase,50/60HZ
Partition Plate: 2 plates (Adjustable)
Instrument weight: (approx.) 80kg

Mini Tenter
MINI TENTER, the Flexible Continuous pin chain type hot Air dryer, is suitable for all applications where a certain sample length is required in a continuous process.

* Floor model
* Can be used for:
– Continuous working with endless pin chain
– Batch working with pin frame (adjustable in length and width)
* Width of test samples
– Transport by endless pin chain 100 – 350mm
– Transport by pin frame 125 – 250mm
* Electronic speed control for dwell time from 20sec. to 6min
* Electric heating 18KW; Temperature 20℃~250℃
* High drying and thermosoling performance thanks to 3 sets of powerful air circulating fans.
* 2 sets of temperature controllers with a digital display indicating and controlling at entry and exit
* Option for fabric Pin-up device which leads fabric to reserve box at the end of MINI TENTER
* Also available for working width 600mm (on request)

HT Steamer

HT-Steamer is suitable for the chemical and dyestuff industry, finishing plants, research institutes, and the general textile industry.
Basic design as MINI-DRYER, model R-3, owing to the wide adjusting ranges regarding temperature, humidity, and dwelling time.
This apparatus can be used for

– Electric heating for drying, curing 20℃.-250℃.
– Steaming with saturated steam 102℃.± 2℃.
– HT steaming at temperatures 100℃.-250℃.
* Sample size up to max. 36 x 42 cm
* Automatic pin frame transport with pre-selectable dwell time
* The ceiling is slanted and additional heating is fixed at the entrance slit in order to avoid the formation of drop water.
* The machine is all stainless steel manufactured and all interior parts on the chamber are made of SUS 316
* 1 Air duct with hand adjustment for top and bottom air
* Moisture controller with regulation 10-100% and steam generator can be supplied on request.
* Suitable for discontinuous operation in conjunction with Lab Padding Mangle.

MSP, Lab Continuous Steamer

Model MSP, continuous operation for steaming printed fabric or after treatment of dyed fabric in saturated steam up to 102℃±2℃.

*  All stainless steel made
* Sample size: Max.wideh 300mm (model MSP-300)
Max.width 600mm (model MSP-600)
Unlimited in length.

* Dwell time in the steam chamber: 3-18 minutes (other speed on requested)
* Option for high-temperature steam in the chamber by means of a temperature controller and electric heating design.

Automatic Washing Machine

AW-12 is indispensable Lab equipment used for carrying out post-processing such as washing, scoring, and soaping for dyed yarn, fabric, or any textile samples.

Users just need to place textile samples into stainless steel washing pots, then water adding, chemical dosing, washing as well as draining will be automatically processed by a programmable controller. Samples with the solution can be gently agitated by air turbulence which is introduced by blowers; therefore, manual stirring is no longer required.

Thanks to the full automation design, the reproducibility of post-processing between production and Lab is ensured.

Controller                    : Touch screen (50 program x 50 steps)
Temperature Range   : Room Temperature ~ 98℃
Heating Type              : Steam heating
Pot Positions               : 12 positions divided into two sections, which are independently-controllable
Water Tank                 : 15L with automatic refilling function.
Chemical Tanks          : 3 tanks(10L capacity/each)
Dimension                   : 150 x 88 x 120 (L x W x H)
Machine Weight          : About 160Kg
Power Connection      : 220V x 1PH x 400W
Prerequisites               : An air compressor and steam supply.


This exceptional machine perfectly eliminates the inconsistency caused by manual operation, not only helping laboratories with automation but also ensuring reproducibility between each test.

With an electromagnetic bar for a flatbed screen, printing speed, operating range, and pressure of the scroller bar are adjustable through electromagnets.

Operators can pre-set all relevant parameters in the touch screen controller. The printing table is equipped with special holders to fix the screen in the correct position.

Main technical specifications:
Controller                                 :   Touch screen type
Maximum printing width     :   500mm
Maximum printing length    :   500mm
Diameter of bar                      :   8mm/10mm/16mm (All sizes of bars will be provided)
Dual-function design            :   Extra equipped with a rubber squeegee device
Running speed                       :   0~10m/min variable
Electromagnet strength       :  0~100% variable
Power                                       :  220V x Single phase x 0.4KW
Dimension                              :  126W×88D×103H(cm)
Weight                                     :  About 160Kg

Other specifications could be customized upon request.