ATMA Brand Screen Making Equipment from ATMA Champ Ent. Corp.-Taiwan


ATMA was founded by Mr. T.C Chen in 1979 and has been orientated by the self-brand name ATMA as a “professional supplier of screen-printing equipment”, endeavoring in R&D, fabricating, and marketing various types of screen-printing machines in over seventy countries. ATMA is devoted to screening printing techniques, value innovation, and breakthroughs, coordinating with customers to improve production, and providing the most competitive products. Various new models of the fully automatic line have been launched every year, and all of those were granted a high reputation from customers.

ATMA Headquarter

Major products of ATMA Champ Ent. Corp

  1. High-speed Clamshell Screen Printer
  2. Screen Making Equipment

High-speed Clamshell Screen Printer:

  • Patented fast and fast silent motorized vertical motions system
  • Print head elevating device facilitates to exchange of squeeze/flood coater/screen and Ink clearing.
  • Digitalized touch-screen to display selectable English or Chines menus for quick setting.

Screen Making Equipment- Stretching Machine:

  • Combined by several stretching units & a control set.
  • Control sets consist of a switch, a pressure adjustment & a manifold with hoses, purchase that reach 16 units or more get a control set for free.

Screen Making Equipment- UV Exposure:

  • Strong metal halide UV light for Sharp exposure.
  • Vacuum blanket for secure fixing of frame+film.
  • Box type to isolate UV light for safety