Shin-Nakamura Chemicals Co. Ltd. Japan

A prominent manufacturer and developer of acrylic resin in Japan. Having 83 years of history in chemical manufacturing. Selected as one of 300 Vibrant Monodzukuri (Manufacturing) companies throughout Japan by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry. Pioneer with Dysin to introduce placement printing in Bangladesh. Their traded products regard as generic products in the mind of the printing industry people.

Shin-Nakamura’s most popular products:

  • Super Elastic and Super Soft White Ready to Use Paste as White Paste NR-101HN
  • Super Elastic and Super Soft Transparent Ready to Use Paste as NK Couper EL-594HN
  • Super Elastic and Super Soft White MAT Ready to Use Paste as White Paste NR-151HN
  • Super Elastic and Super Soft Transparent MAT Ready to Use Paste as NK Couper NR-351HN
  • High Fastness Binder cum Fixer as NK Binder R-5HN
  • Long Lasting and Formaldehyde Free Table Adhesive as NK Plaster EH-HN
  • High Fastness and High Foaming(Puff) Binder as NK Sky Resin SP-37HN
  • High Fastness Metallic Binder as Metallic Binder F-733HN
  • High Fastness Glitter Binder as NK Resin ST-60HN

Meisei Chemical Works, Japan

73 years old chemical manufacturing and R&D company. It is a very famous company for manufacturing Industrial Chemicals, intermediates of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, Fixing agents and Catalyst.

In Bangladesh their Fixing Agents and Catalysts are very much popular among industry people, are

  • SU-268A, Banned Amine Free(AZO Free) & BLUE SIGN certified High Fastness Fixing Agent.
  • Meikanate TP-10, BLUE SIGN certified High Fastness and very much Popular Fixing Agent.

Dainichiseika Color & Chemicals Mfg. Co., Ltd. Japan

Listed Company on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange having a capital of over 10,000 million yen. 90 years old colorant & chemical manufacturer in Japan.

Mainly engaged in Manufacturing of:

  • inorganic, organic, and processed pigments
  • colorants for plastics and textiles
  • printing inks, coating agents, and related equipment
  • synthetic leather materials and other polyurethane
  • polymers derived from natural substances
  • functional materials and CCM systems.

Popular Products in Bangladesh

  • Seikapaste VA-1600, Ultra Soft White Pigment Printing Agent
  • Seikapaste VA-1000, Ultra Soft Transparent Pigment Printing Agent

Unikasei Co. Ltd. Japan

– Established: 1973 in Kyoto.
– Japan Fashion Chemicals Manufacturer.
– Sports Brand “PUMA” certified chemical manufacturer.
– Prominent “Poly-Urethane” based printing agents maker for difficult substrates as Polyester, Denim, etc.

Popular products:

  • Uni-Binder Series, White & Transparent Ready to Use Paste for Polyester and Denim
  • Uni-Binder SB-1, Only one found in the market as Anti-Migration White binder

Sunichem Group (Fixed Star), China

Top 20 Companies of Chinese Textile Industry. Founded in 1994.
ISO: 9001, ISO 14001 Certified.
ZDHC, Level-3, Eco-Pass & GOTs Certified Products.
Having Major Subsidiary companies as Liaoning Sunichem, Dalian Fixed Star, Unik Textile, Enttire & UShine.
Liaoning Sunichem is a Leading chemical manufacturer for the textile industry in China with an innovative solution.

Dalian Fixed Star is a Leading manufacturer of polymer adhesives in China applicable to non-woven fabric and footwear.

Unik Textile mainly Develops and produces Technical Fabrics such as Waterproof and breathable fabrics, Wind and Cold Resistant fabrics, Flame Retardant fabrics, Anti-UV, Anti-stain fabrics, Pest control, anti-mosquito, anti-bacterial fabrics, and Thermal fabrics. It produces Military uniforms for USA, Russia, China & Greece. Producer of Active Wear for Extreme Weather.
Enttire designs and manufactures Professional garments such as Surgical gowns, work wear, and active wear.
UShine is the newest branch which is dedicated to the development of innovative fibers and materials such as Flame retardant Nylon 56 and 66.

Major Products in Bangladesh

  • Octopus & Oval machine suitable Stretchable White & Transparent Ready to Use very much popular Paste for Knitted Garments as SC-20W & SC-20C.
  • Highly Soft, Very High Fastness, Formaldehyde Free, ZDHC, Level-3 Binder for All Over Printing as Binder SC-40.
  • Most Economical ZDHC, Level-3 Thickener for All Over Printing as FS-2000.
  • Banned Amine Free(AZO Free) & ZDHC, Level-3 certified High Fastness Fixing Agent DF- 818B.
  • Super MAT and Super Gloss Printing Agents as SC-125A & SC-126A.
  • High Density Printing Agent as SC-691W & SC-691C.
  • After Printing Wash, Denim Printing Agents SC-942W & 942C
  • Long Lasting, Formaldehyde Free Table/Pallet Adhesive for Various Fabric as Polyester Nylon & Cotton as SC-507G/507F

Floriss Chroma Ltd. Taiwan

Floriss Chroma Ltd. is a specialized Printing Chemicals Manufacturer based in Taiwan led by Textile Expert Mr. Tsai, who having more than 50 years of experience in the field of textiles. The previous name of the Company was Taiwan General Company Ltd.

Specialized products are

  • Very much popular After Printing Wash, Denim Printing Agents as Floritex TERT-N & Floritex NERT-N.

NAM Trading & Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (Manufacturing units of DYSIN)

– Dysin is manufacturing market-oriented products based on 37 years long experience in the field of Textile.
– It has experience in Chemical Manufacturing for the last 31 years and Printing Chemical Manufacturing last 10 years.
– Manufacturing Technology From France, Japan, and Taiwan. Eco-Passport & GOTs certified and ZDHC enlisted products.
– Dysin’s manufacturing products can save valuable lead time and investment for 100% Export Oriented Textile mills.

Manufactured major Printing products:

  • Pigment Ready to use White & Transparent Paste for All Over Printing and Piece Printing.
  • Elastic/Rubberized Ready to use White & Transparent Paste for All Over Printing and Piece Printing.
  • Ready to use Discharge Printing paste for All Over Printing and Piece Printing.
  • Various Binder and Fixer/Catalyst for All Over Printing and Piece Printing.

Fujifilm Sericol Ltd., Japan/UK/India

-Fujifilm Sericol India, is an integral part of the world-famous Fujifilm Group.
-Fujifilm Sericol India plant has ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, and ISO 9001:2015 certifications.
-Manufacturing Screen inks and chemicals, Digital inks, UV Flexo inks, and UV Offset Inks. State-Of-The-Art R&D and Innovation Centre, and Colour Management Laboratory.
-World First PVC & Phthalate Free Plastisol Inventor Products are GOTs, Eco-Passport certified and ZDHC enlisted for Textile Industry.

Popular Product Ranges:

  • YC Brand PVC & Phthalate Free Plastisol Inks for Cotton & Polyester.
  • NXI Brand Solvent Base Inks for Coated Fabrics such as Raincoat, Jacket and Tarpaulin.
  • WT Brand Water Base Inks for Transfer Applications.
  • ON Brand Phthalate Free Opaque Plastisol Inks for General purpose Plastisol Printing.
  • Super MAT and Super Gloss Printing Agents as SC-125A & SC-126A.

Toyo Ink Group, Japan

World’s renowned Pigment maker based on Tokyo, Japan.
Manufacturer of all types of Colorants & Functional Materials such for:

  • Pigment /Pigment Dispersion for Printing inks, Exterior paints for automobiles and Plastic Colorants.
  • Functional Dispersion such as optical elements, electrical conductivity and heat conductivity.
  • Materials for LCD Color Filters
  • Plastic Colorants
  • Ink Jet Inks

Ducol Organics, India:

– A prominent Pigment Maker in India.
– Started to produce Pigment Resin Color since 1990.
– Big volume Pigment supplier to various Multinationals.
– Pigment products are the most economical, GOTs Certified, and ZDHC enlisted.

In Bangladesh most popular products from Ducol:
Dutex Brand Pigment Resin Color.
Sinloihi Co., Ltd., Japan:

World most renowned Fluorescent Pigment & Fluorescent pigment allied product manufacturer. 62 years old company.
Manufacturing Fluorescent Pigment, Fluorescent Paint, Fluorescent & Photoluminescent Tapes, Lumilite Colors(inorganic fluorescent paint), and other related products.
Main stockholders of this company are giant corporations in Japan such as Dai Nippon Toryo Co., Ltd., Nitto Fudohsan Co., Ltd. & Mitsubishi Corporation.
Main product in Bangladesh:
SW Brand Fluorescent Pigment Resin Color for Textile.

Murakami Screen, Singapore/Japan

  • Top most Company in the world for producing Screen Related materials.
  • Winner of Harushige Prize for outstanding Technical Development and Improvement of Public Welfare by Agency of Industrial Science and Technology, Japan.
  • Founded in the year 1965.
  • Screen is the dominant part of in Electronic, Graphic, Industrial & Textile application where Murakami Screen has Comprehensive and Precise products.
  • Headquarter in Tokyo, Japan, apart from worldwide presence in California, U.S.A., Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, Kunshan, Shenzhen, South Korea and Taiwan.
  • Main Product Line: Photosensitive Direct Materials or Emulsions, Photosensitive In-Direct Materials or Pre-sensitized Films, Mask or Pre-sensitized Plate or Screen Mask, Screen Mesh, Materials & Equipment for Plate Making, Squeegee.

In Bangladesh Popular Products

  • Photopolymer Type Pre-sensitized Emulsion Photocure TXR, Aquasol TS, Esbecure OP-1
  • Diazo Type Emulsion SP-1300HV, Advance-20, Photocure WSR
  • Rotary Emulsion REX 6
  • Blue Ray Engraving Emulsion Aquasol T-9L/Aquasol SHARP
  • Screen Hardener A+DL

Menphis SpA. Italy

– Italian Famous Stamping Foil Manufacturer.
– The Menphis Group was born from a precise idea: a family company with a strong innovative character.
– A global vision that, through research and technology, has been able to reinvent sectors such as fashion with particular attention to the environment. Know-how and research are the assets of Menphis S.p.A., a real philosophy of innovation.
– Business of the Transfer Card becomes a global landmark Menphis is a company constantly projected forward that has been able to develop and spread its know-how through a strong innovative drive in sectors such as fashion, design, and architecture.

Products in Bangladesh
->Stamping Foil


  • Screen Adhesive & Cleaning agents
  • EVA inks for Slippers
  • Transfer Adhesive Powers for various Heat Transfer Application