Dysin machinery division Started to sell conventional Belly washing machines since 2006 from China. After a few years, we find out a sustainable technology for garment washing in Turkey, and officially we started to promote the brand since 2015 with the name Dewelli. It’s a very old manufacturer and there has a good R&D team who are always trying to develop washing technology with less water and chemical. There is a full range of dry process equipment such as whisker dummies, chemical spray booths, crinkle machine, Box ovens, conveyor ovens, Ozone generators & Tumbler, etc.

We have a well-trained service team who can solve any type of trouble. Dysin has provided motorbikes to service engineers to avoid traffic and make quick support for our customers.

We are committed to giving the best support to our customers and keeping them happy.

Front Loading washing and Dyeing Machine

Belly Washing and Dying Machine