R&D and Q.C LAB

Dysin is synonymous with quality. We have a separate R&D and Q.C segment and it strives to bring quality excellence to your business. We are one of the first textile chemical companies in Bangladesh to provide all types of related laboratory services since the beginning of 90’s. Whether you try to improve a product for an existing application, develop products for a new application or have a unique application, our team welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with you.


Dysin R&D and Q.C lab employs the best professionals in the country throughout our product development, quality control, and customer service department. Our lab is well equipped with world-class instruments and machines.


R&D focuses on constant improvement across the value chain for sustainable business and to protect the environment. In view of this, we achieve ZDHC level 3 and GOTs certification for our products and manufacturing facility.


We are specialized to undertake projects to innovate and introduce new products against an existing rival product and showcase the superiority of the newly developed products, and services, and work on customized products as well as the following types.

  • Dyeing Auxiliary Chemicals
  • Dyeing finishing chemicals
  • Printing chemicals/pastes
  • Pigment color
  • Polymer synthesis
  • Consumer products
  • Water treatment chemicals
  • Quality ensures of raw material, finished products & packaging material also.
  • Effluent Water Analysis


We stay competitive by providing insights into the market, developing new products, and services, and improving the existing products accordingly. We take customer feedback to develop products as per their requirements.
The development team integrates the results of the feasibility analyses and feedback into the newly developed product and implements that product vision.
R&D development team intensively working on the enhancement and changes to the product in accordance with the feedback.
R&D development team is dedicated to maintaining the below criteria to ensure the quality of our existing and newly developed products.

  • Stable formulations
  • Consistency
  • Reliability
  • Product Design


We engage in developing and commercializing new ideas, implementing new processes, changing the way business makes money, develop new ways to interact with customers.
Our R&D development team finds a new way of manufacturing process for polymer products that reduce cost and enhance quality as per market demand. We have successfully entered into the environmental friendly production process for Acrylic polymer emulsion, Leather processing chemicals, Dye fixing agents, Wetting agents & Detergent, Textile processing chemicals, and newly developed Dysin consumer products.