TYSL Brand Oval Screen Printer from TIANYUAN – China

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Since 1993, TIANYUAN is dedicated to developing and manufacturing TYSL brand screen-printing equipment for a textile printing company. Tianyuan is a professional in producing and selling various screen-printing equipment for apparel and accessories, which consists of a textile printing equipment company and a textile printing plant.

The company independently develops TYSL series automatic textile printing machine, which features high accuracy of positioning, high stability and reliability, low energy consumption, little noise, easy operation, and so on. Customers can choose any model from 6-color to 32-color according to their own needs. The max. effective printing area can cover 110cm * 135cm and the textile printing machines can be applied to various textile printing materials, plastic drop, water paste, ink, etc.

TYSL is the First & Best Quality Oval Screen Printer Manufacturer in China
High Technology, High Precision, and High Efficiency.

Oval Screen Printer is a Major product of TYSL:

Picture: TYSL Oval Screen Printer

Main Features:

-TYSL printer print head doesn’t move up and down, only the frame lift

-TYSL uses a real rod connection for stable and highly accurate pallet positioning

-TYSL uses aluminum magnesium alloy platen with a 20 mm thick honeycomb structure

-Micro Registration (XYZ Axis with DC moto)

-The ultrasonic humidifier can reduce the mesh blocking effectively

-TYSL printer pallet registration accuracy is ±0.02mm.

-TYSL printer rotation speed is more than 1200/hour

-TYSL use U-TYPE energy-efficient carbon fiber tube