Dysin machinery division started promoting printing machinery since 2006 and expanding the range of printing machinery day by day. At that time started looking for the best quality and renowned manufacturers of textile printing machinery for Bangladesh Textile Industries and Dysin machinery division become the most significant name in Digital AOP & Garments Textile Printing fields for sales & marketing of high-quality products.

Dysin machinery division has built a strong after-sales technical service with a group of highly skilled technical personnel and professionals thus helping to enjoy many repeat orders from respected customers.

Our major products for Textile & Garments printing Industries are:

  • Atexco Brand Digital Textile Printer from Hangzhou Honghua Digital Technology Stock Co Ltd.- China (Link to Atexco Digital Printer in Printing Machinery Tab)
  • Monti Antonio Brand Laminating, Transfer Printing and Finishing Machine from Monti Antonio S.p.A- Italy (Link to Monti Antonio in Printing Machinery Tab)
  • Sun Chemical Brand Inks for Digital Textile Printer from Sun Chemical Corporation- Switzerland (Link to Sun Chemical in Printing Machinery Tab)
  • Maag Flock Brand Flocking equipment from Maag Flock GmbH- Germany (Link to Maag Flock in Printing Machinery Tab)
  • TYSL Brand Oval Screen Printer from TIANYUAN – China (Link to TYSL in Printing Machinery Tab)
  • ATMA Brand Screen Making Equipment from ATMA Champ Ent. Corp.-Taiwan (Link to ATMA in Printing Machinery Tab)


Dysin machinery division has established a printing machinery demo center with the latest technology machinery for its customers and textile printing industries peoples to provide the latest development, information & application of textile printing machinery, and hands-on training on the machine, and equipment.


Digital Textile Printer From Atexco


Laminating & Transfer Printing Machine From Monti Antonio S.p.A- Italy


Screen Making Equipment From ATMA-Taiwan

Maag Flock

Flocking Equipment From Maag Flock GmbH- Germany

Sun Chemical

Inks For Digital Textile Printer From Sun Chemical Corporation- Switzerland


Oval Screen Printer From TIANYUAN (TYSL)