MingScape, MSI Dispensing System

MingScape International (MSI) is one of the internationally-reputable manufacturers of textile laboratory equipment, especially for the dispensing system.

MDS Tubeless Dispenser

The new generation of tubeless dispensers uses a rotating device to move the bottle to the dispense position. Once a bottle is dispensed then the table directs to move to the next dispensed bottle. So, this way this is faster than robotic or any other dispensing system. Each bottle has an individual valve for controlling the solution dispense.


Unique direct dispensing design.

Faster Dispensing than any robotic system (22 recipes in under 15 minutes) gives twice or more output than any other robotic system with similar numbers of solutions.

Patented design allows smooth operation without the need for a funnel on the dyepot.

High Precession servo motor for controlling the table running

Equip with a conveyor system for carrying the dyepots that maximum up to 26 positions.


MSM Solution Maker

Separate solution maker for prepare a standard solution for dyeing tests.

Provide a special function for testing dyestuff.

Equip hot and cold-water tank.

Provides software scale calibration function.

Solution expired warning function.

Equip with an independent mixer that has 6 positions.