Dysin-Chem Limited was established in Dhaka, Bangladesh in the year 1984 by our Honorable Chairman Md. Mizanur Rahman. Since then, this company has grown to be the largest dyestuff & chemicals distributor and technical service provider for the textile industry in Bangladesh with 700+ employees and 13 sales offices around the country. Dysin is a pioneer in supplying products & techniques to the garments printing and knit dyeing industry. We maintain the largest stock of dyes, chemicals, screen printing consumables, and testing equipment in the country.

We are engaged to supply in

      • Pre-Treatment, Dyeing & Finishing of Knit & Woven Fabrics
      • Pre-Treatment, Dyeing & Finishing of Natural and Synthetic Yarn
      • Garments/Piece Printing
      • Allover Fabrics Printing on Knit & Woven
      • Digital Textile Printing Industries.
      • Garments Washing & Dyeing Industries
      • Pre-Treatment, Dyeing & Finishing of Jute and Handicrafts Cottage Industries
      • Denim Fabric Manufacturing
      • Leather Manufacturing

Our Specialty

Market Leader

Dysin Group is now the largest Bangladeshi company for dyestuff and chemicals for the textile industry in Bangladesh. Hence, leading the market in terms of infrastructure, local stock keeping capacity, product variation and customer support. Dysin also has the largest manufacturing capacity for textile chemicals and holds a larger market share in the local selling industry. DYSIN is the first to bring any new technology in textile dyeing and printing. Dysin is the pioneer to introduce new technologies for the Knit-Dyeing, Garments Washing and Garments Printing Industries in Bangladesh. Technical support and extensive laboratory services have been the key to its growth.

Countrywide Distribution  

Countrywide distribution network is maintained by well skilled employees, 13 sales centers, 15 bulk warehouses and a very large fleet of delivery vehicles give another competitive edge. We ensure our presence where ever the textile factories are situated across the country to ensure product availability. Dysin has built-up large stock around the country for easy availability to its customers to save valuable lead time.

Local and Export Business 

Dysin is supplying below industries and has well-established product ranges for processing of those particular industries,

    • Knit & Woven Fabric Dyeing & Finishing 
    • Knit & Woven Fabric Printing with Dyestuff & Pigment 
    • Yarn Dyeing & Finishing 
    • Garments Printing & Decoration 
    • Garments Washing & Dyeing 
    • Denim Fabric Manufacturing 
    • Leather Manufacturing

We are supplying to local and export-oriented factories from our local sales centers and warehouses, on a stock and sale basis. We also issue indents for those customers who want to import in bulk quantity or for those who enjoy duty-free import facility.

Wide Product Range 

Dysin provides a wide range of dyes & chemicals from preparation to finishing through a countrywide distribution network of sales & marketing offices and bulk warehouses.

Large inventory support 

Now DYSIN is considered to be the one-stop-shop with huge local stock for Dyestuff, Chemicals, Screen Printing Consumables, garment washing auxiliaries, denim fabric manufacturing chemicals, and Testing Equipment. We came this far with our only goal Customer Satisfaction. And we believe, Dysin will continue to create a prosperous future for its customers.

Laboratory & Demonstration Centers 

    • Dysin provides technical consultation to customers, with the help of our ever-improving laboratory facilities.
    • We have a high-tech Laboratory that can fulfill the dyeing, washing, printing & testing requirements of modern industry.
    • Dysin has its own product development & application research facilities. We source products according to the quality requirements of our industry.
    • DYSIN has ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratories & Calibration Service
    • Demonstration Centers for Garments Printing, Digital Printing, and Garments Dyeing.

Chemical Manufacturing Concerns

Dysin since its inception in 1984 has invested in developing local technical expertise, such as ISO certified laboratories, and technology & demonstration centers for Dyeing, Printing, and washing. Our first manufacturing unit for Textile Auxiliaries was established in 1990 and has grown over the years. Dysin has three manufacturing units under two companies, including a 100% export-oriented unit that serves the Garment Export factories with a bond license.

    • NAM Trading & Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (Unit 1) – Established in 1984 to manufacture Textile Auxiliary Chemicals.
    • NAM Trading & Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (Unit 2) – Established in 2012 as a 100% Export-oriented Textile Auxiliary Chemicals and Ready Pigment Printing Paste Manufacturer, with Technology from China, Taiwan & Japan.
    • Dysin-Chem Industries (Pvt.) Limited – Established in 1995 for manufacturing of Detergents & Optical Brightening Agents.
    • Dysin-Chem Industries (Pvt.) Limited (Unit-2) – Established in 2015 Multi Scouring Agent, Printing Thickener.

Dysin Group is one of the pioneers in introducing new technologies for the Knit-Dyeing, Garments Washing and Garments Printing Industries in Bangladesh. Expert technical support and Extensive Laboratory services have been the key to its growth. Recently Dysin Group has set up a state-of-the-art Specialty Polymer Manufacturing Plant of Dysin-Chem Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. situated at BCSIC Area, Konabari, Gazipur. Also, the textile Auxiliaries manufacturing company under the name of NAM Trading & Manufacturing Co., Ltd., is now certified to ZDHC Confidence Level 3 (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) – the highest ZDHC certification level currently available. Dysin is the first in the country to achieve ZDHC level 3 certification in textile auxiliary chemical production.

Our Milestones & Achievements

– Flagship Company Dysin-Chem Limited started its journey for service to the Bangladesh Textile Industry through the distribution of Dyes & Chemicals from the World’s renowned brands.
– Introduced Enzymes for textile processing for the first time in Bangladesh from Gist-Brocades (later Genencor/Dupont/IFF).
– Introduced Textile Auxiliaries from Protex, France.

– Introduced Garments’ Printing Chemicals from Japan, which has later become a generic product and is still a market leader in Bangladesh

– Our first Chemical Manufacturing company NAM Trading & Manufacturing Co. Ltd. started its operation in Mirpur, Dhaka. Textile auxiliaries and printing colors & chemicals are produced by NAM. Now having 3 plants, including a 100% Export-oriented unit.
– Introduced Benzasol/Benzafix brand of Reactive dyes from India and became the market leader in Bangladesh for many years.
– Established Application Laboratory for customer service for Dyeing, Printing & Finishing

– Dysin-Chem Industries (Pvt.) Limited was established for the production of auxiliary chemicals and pigment colors. Now it has two plants.

– Introduced Photo emulsion from Murakami Japan which is still the market leader in Bangladesh.

– Enhanced the capacity of the Application Laboratory by establishing Computerized Color Matching with Spectrophotometer first time in Bangladesh by any textile chemical company

– Introduced Reactron Brand of Reactive dyes from India, from the first ISO 14001 dyes manufacturer in India.
– Introduced Pigment Colours from Toyo Ink, Japan

– Launched Plastisol Inks for Garments’ Printing for the first time in Bangladesh from Sericol, UK (now Fujifilm Japan)
– Established Demonstration center for Garments Printing which now has become a modern mini-factory

– Launched DYCHUFIX brand of reactive dyes from China under our own quality standard and obtained the largest market share in Bangladesh in a short time

– Dysin International Ltd. was established for marketing, distribution, and technical services of Textile Dyes, Chemicals, and Machinery.

– Introduced Garments’ Printing Chemicals and Pigment Colours from DIC Group, Japan.

– Introduced Garments’ Printing Chemicals from Sunichem, China

– Established 2nd unit of NAM Trading & Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Which is a 100% Export-Oriented unit for serving as a backward linkage to the Textile Industry of Bangladesh.

– ISO 17025 accreditation certificate obtained by the Testing Laboratory of DYSIN.
– Established Demonstration & R&D center for Digital Printing, which now has the capability of printing with Reactive, Disperse, Pigment, etc.

– Production Capacity Enhancement of NAM Trading & Manufacturing Co., Ltd. with a new production unit in Dhaka.

– ISO 17025 accreditation certificate obtained by the Calibration Laboratory of DYSIN.

– NAM Trading & Manufacturing Co., Ltd. obtained Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Certificate for the textile auxiliaries manufactured by them.
– Production Capacity Enhancement of Dysin-Chem Industries (Pvt) Ltd. with a new production unit in Gazipur.
– Established Demonstration Center for Garments Washing having a pilot plant for modern Garments & Denim finishing.

– Launched Consumer Products business under “Dysin Consumer Products” company, providing a full range of Cleaning & Hygiene products.

– Established Specialty Polymer Manufacturing Plant under Dysin-Chem Industries (Pvt) Ltd.