Ducol Organics, India:

– A prominent Pigment Maker in India.
– Started to produce Pigment Resin Color since 1990.
– Big volume Pigment supplier to various Multinationals.
– Pigment products are the most economical, GOTs Certified, and ZDHC enlisted.

In Bangladesh most popular products from Ducol:
Dutex Brand Pigment Resin Color.

Sinloihi Co., Ltd., Japan:

World most renowned Fluorescent Pigment & Fluorescent pigment allied product manufacturer. 62 years old company.
Manufacturing Fluorescent Pigment, Fluorescent Paint, Fluorescent & Photoluminescent Tapes, Lumilite Colors(inorganic fluorescent paint), and other related products.
Main stockholders of this company are giant corporations in Japan such as Dai Nippon Toryo Co., Ltd., Nitto Fudohsan Co., Ltd. & Mitsubishi Corporation.
Main product in Bangladesh:
SW Brand Fluorescent Pigment Resin Color for Textile.