Murakami Screen, Singapore/Japan

  • Top most Company in the world for producing Screen Related materials.
  • Winner of Harushige Prize for outstanding Technical Development and Improvement of Public Welfare by Agency of Industrial Science and Technology, Japan.
  • Founded in the year 1965.
  • Screen is the dominant part of in Electronic, Graphic, Industrial & Textile application where Murakami Screen has Comprehensive and Precise products.
  • Headquarter in Tokyo, Japan, apart from worldwide presence in California, U.S.A., Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, Kunshan, Shenzhen, South Korea and Taiwan.
  • Main Product Line: Photosensitive Direct Materials or Emulsions, Photosensitive In-Direct Materials or Pre-sensitized Films, Mask or Pre-sensitized Plate or Screen Mask, Screen Mesh, Materials & Equipment for Plate Making, Squeegee.

In Bangladesh Popular Products

  • Photopolymer Type Pre-sensitized Emulsion Photocure TXR, Aquasol TS, Esbecure OP-1
  • Diazo Type Emulsion SP-1300HV, Advance-20, Photocure WSR
  • Rotary Emulsion REX 6
  • Blue Ray Engraving Emulsion Aquasol T-9L/Aquasol SHARP
  • Screen Hardener A+DL