• NAM Trading & Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (Unit 2) (Bangladesh)
  • Dysin since its inception in 1984 has invested in developing local technical expertise, such as ISO certified laboratories, technology & demonstration centers for Dyeing, Printing and washing. Our firstmanufacturing unit for Textile Auxiliaries was established in 1990 and has grown over the years. Now, Dysin has three manufacturing units under two companies, including a 100% export-oriented unit that
    serves the Garment Export factories having a bond license.
  • NAM Trading & Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (Unit 2) – Established in 2012 as 100% Export-oriented Textile Auxiliary Chemicals Manufacturer, with Technology from France, Taiwan & Japan.



             Pre-treatment Auxiliary

·        DYNOPOL NHT (Low foaming De-oiling, Scouring Agent)

·        DYNOPOL TL (Liquid Detergent)

·        DYNOTEX MH-P (Lycra Protector, Wetting Booster)

·        PROSIN PD-8 (Multi-functional Scouring Agent)

·        DESIZE L-40 (De-sizing Enzyme)

·        CATALASE TAP (Peroxide Cleaning Enzyme)

·        FORASIN STC (Statbilizer for Peroxide Bleaching)

·        JEMSCOUR CTN (Powder Detergent)

·        COMPLEXANT-P (Sequestering & Dispersing Agent)

   Pre-treatment & Dyeing Auxiliary ·        POLYFLUID ACA (Anti-Creasing Agent)

·        DE-FOAMER SAG (Anti-foaming Agent)



·        DYAFIX WF (Fixing agent for Reactive & Direct dyeing)

·        DYACETIC DH-P (Neutralizing Agent & Dyeing Acid)

·        DYAFIX PA (Fixing agent for Acid dyeing)

·        SINOGAL DP-505 (Levelling & Dispersing Agent)

·        SINOGAL NAT (Levelling & Dispersing Agent for Polyester)

·        FORASIN PAN (Retarding Agent for Cationic Dyes)

·        FORASIN M09 (Levelling Agent for Cationic Dyes)

·        FORASIN N009 (Levelling Agent for Acid Dyes)

·        DYACEL A-340 (After Dyeing Soaping Agent)



·        NEOMINE PRS (Poly Ethylene Wax Emulsion)

·        NEOMINE PTS (Wax Emulsion)

·        DYMOSOFT 3720 (Macro Silicon Emulsion)

·        DYMOSOFT C (Hydrophilic Silicon Emulsion for Cotton)

·        DYMOSOFT NST (Hydrophilic Silicon Emulsion for PES)

·        ABSOFT SY (Micro Silicon Emulsion)



·        ANTISTAIN DTR (Anti-Back Staining Agent)

·        CELLZYME-1000L ULTRA (Acid Cellulase Enzyme)



·        BINDER FS-350 (Acrylic Co-polymer)

·        DYNA CLEAR HB-C (Rubber clear)

·        DYNA WHITE VS (Rubber White)

·        FIXER DFF (Cross-linking Agent)

·        NEWTEX BIF (Pigment Clear Paste)

·        WHITE PASTE FC-500R (White Pigment Printing Paste)

·        WHITE PASTE NFC (White Pigment Printing Paste)