• Protex International (France) – BlueSign Approved textile auxiliaries manufacturer
  • PROTEX is a part of Protex International Group, a well-established independent French producer of chemicals with more than 80 years of experience. PROTEX is developing, producing and selling chemical additives for textile.


Major Products of Protex International, France


 Prote-Sol AT-2


  • De-aerating Agent. Increases the effectiveness of wetting agents.
Prote-Lube ACE
  • High efficiency Anti-crease chemical that may be used on all kinds of textile. Its lubricant properties from fibre to fibre and fibre to metal will help to reduce both creasing and abrasion phenomenon.
Stabiron AYP
  • Product which helps prevents the “Phenolic Yellowing” which can occur when goods are stored.
Prote-Pon DBD
  • Wetting Detergent and Dispersing Agent for desizing and dyeing of synthetic fabrics and their blends with cotton.
Prote-Fix WF
  • Fixing agent for reactive and direct dyes. Formaldehyde-free agent. No or slight influence on the shades.
Prote-Fix PA 217
  • Improves wet-fastness standards of acid and metal dyes. Reserve agent for dyeing polyamide-wool and polyamide-cotton blends.
Prote-Set PI
  • Multipurpose Agent. Extender for crease resistant resins. Lowers free formaldehyde. Improves handle and abrasion.
Prote-Set AM 219 RG
  • Cationic acrylic copolymer low energy curing emulsion, soft film. Excellent resistance to solvents. Can be used on various stages of textile finishing.
Prote-Spring 930
  • Durable finishing agent increasing stretch of knitted fabrics. Its use increases significantly, the elasticity, softness and handle of treated cellulosic textiles fabrics.
  • Oil and Water proofing agent. Cationic polarity. High water repellency. Good resistance to water pressure (column of water). High oil proofing effect, which works with the cross-linker Dryol Fix 169.