Sunichem Group (Fixed Star), China

Top 20 Companies of Chinese Textile Industry. Founded in 1994.
ISO: 9001, ISO 14001 Certified.
ZDHC, Level-3, Eco-Pass & GOTs Certified Products.
Having Major Subsidiary companies as Liaoning Sunichem, Dalian Fixed Star, Unik Textile, Enttire & UShine.
Liaoning Sunichem is a Leading chemical manufacturer for the textile industry in China with an innovative solution.

Dalian Fixed Star is a Leading manufacturer of polymer adhesives in China applicable to non-woven fabric and footwear.

Unik Textile mainly Develops and produces Technical Fabrics such as Waterproof and breathable fabrics, Wind and Cold Resistant fabrics, Flame Retardant fabrics, Anti-UV, Anti-stain fabrics, Pest control, anti-mosquito, anti-bacterial fabrics, and Thermal fabrics. It produces Military uniforms for USA, Russia, China & Greece. Producer of Active Wear for Extreme Weather.
Enttire designs and manufactures Professional garments such as Surgical gowns, work wear, and active wear.
UShine is the newest branch which is dedicated to the development of innovative fibers and materials such as Flame retardant Nylon 56 and 66.

Major Products in Bangladesh

  • Octopus & Oval machine suitable Stretchable White & Transparent Ready to Use very much popular Paste for Knitted Garments as SC-20W & SC-20C.
  • Highly Soft, Very High Fastness, Formaldehyde Free, ZDHC, Level-3 Binder for All Over Printing as Binder SC-40.
  • Most Economical ZDHC, Level-3 Thickener for All Over Printing as FS-2000.
  • Banned Amine Free(AZO Free) & ZDHC, Level-3 certified High Fastness Fixing Agent DF- 818B.
  • Super MAT and Super Gloss Printing Agents as SC-125A & SC-126A.
  • High Density Printing Agent as SC-691W & SC-691C.
  • After Printing Wash, Denim Printing Agents SC-942W & 942C
  • Long Lasting, Formaldehyde Free Table/Pallet Adhesive for Various Fabric as Polyester Nylon & Cotton as SC-507G/507F